Embracing Empowerment: Master MoltyFoam's Inspiring Journey with "Women of Strength"

Embracing Empowerment: Master MoltyFoam's Inspiring Journey with "Women of Strength"

In a commendable initiative aimed at fostering a healthier and more equitable environment for women in Pakistan, Master MoltyFoam has teamed up with Safe Delivery Safe Mother (SDSM) to address the critical issue of maternal mortality. With a vision to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for mothers, this collaboration focuses on educating, advocating, and supporting initiatives that can have a lasting impact on women's health.

Training Midwives for a Safer Tomorrow:

As part of this partnership, Master MoltyFoam has taken a significant step by training over 100 midwives, recognizing their pivotal role in ensuring safe pregnancies and deliveries. These midwives, now equipped with essential skills, will play a crucial part in bridging the gap in maternal healthcare and providing timely support to expectant mothers.

Material Support for Maternal Well-being:

Understanding the importance of a conducive environment for maternal health, Master MoltyFoam has gone beyond training and has generously donated mattresses and over 500 safety kits. These contributions are aimed at creating a safer and more comfortable space for women during childbirth, addressing some of the challenges faced by healthcare facilities in low-resource settings.

Building on a Legacy of Social Impact:

Master MoltyFoam's commitment to social causes is evident through its previous impactful campaigns such as 'Beti Bojh Nahin,' 'Pink Ribbon Pakistan,' and 'Billbeds in Pakistan.' These initiatives have not only raised awareness but have also contributed significantly to improving the lives of women in the country.

Maternal Mortality in Pakistan:

The collaboration between Master MoltyFoam and SDSM is particularly crucial in the context of the maternal health crisis in Pakistan. According to the Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2018, the country has the highest fertility rate in the South Asian region, with 3.6 children per woman. Alarmingly, the contraceptive prevalence rate stands at only 34%.

The UNFPA Pakistan State of the World Population Report 2017 sheds light on a grim reality – Pakistan loses 14,000 women during childbirth every year, equivalent to one death every 37 minutes. However, the CDC emphasizes that 70% of these maternal deaths are preventable and treatable with timely and affordable healthcare services.

SDSM's Mission to Improve Maternal Healthcare:

SDSM plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges by working towards improving maternal and reproductive healthcare in Pakistan. Their focus on providing affordable and accessible services in communities, particularly in rural and remote areas, is bridging the gap in healthcare accessibility.


Master MoltyFoam's collaboration with SDSM is a commendable effort in the fight against maternal mortality in Pakistan. By training midwives, providing essential materials, and supporting the initiatives of SDSM, the brand is actively contributing to building a safer and healthier future for women in the country. As the partnership continues to make strides in maternal healthcare, it serves as a beacon of hope for a more equitable and secure environment for mothers and their newborns in Pakistan.


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