Inclination towards our social responsibility in Pakistan’s health sector had long become a mark of Master Foundation. In Pakistan, many parts of the population still remain at constant risk of not having access to essential medical care. This forecast is influenced by factors like socioeconomic standing, geographic location, and gender. We are dedicated to improving public health by using direct implementation, institutional development, collaborations, and innovation through healthcare products are only a few methods that we are using to increase healthcare competence.

It is widely acknowledged that improving population health status serves as both a source of sustaining social and economic growth and a goal in and of itself. Despite Pakistan's rapid advancements in the healthcare field since independence, statistics show that access to essential healthcare is still a challenge.

Master Foundation established its services in the healthcare sector with the aim of providing essential and quality healthcare to everyone regardless of location and socio-economic standards, nonetheless, with the collaboration of healthcare providers.


Making comfort readily available has always been our prime motive at, Master. With the passion to provide a good night sleep for all, Master MoltyFoam came up with the initiative of installing “Billbeds”. Utilizing innovation at its best, the company set out to create simple billboards that could advertise MoltyFoam during the day and serve as beds at night.

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