To raise awareness about breast cancer on a national scale, MoltyFoam and PinkRibbon initiated the PinkTober campaign. In Pakistan, breast cancer is the second leading cause of mortality among women, with an annual incidence rate of around 89,000. One in nine women is diagnosed with breast cancer at some point. Master Foundation reaffirmed its dedication to the welfare of humanity by partnering with Pink Ribbon to raise awareness of breast cancer in Pakistan; Pink Ribbon Researchers in Pakistan have concluded that the general public's lack of knowledge about breast cancer is a significant factor in the disease's prevalence in the country. We ran campaigns around the country to raise awareness about breast cancer and its severity. In addition, pink lights were staged all around the country. These lights were incredibly well-received for the way they illuminated famous sites in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. Each structure was illuminated in memory of individuals who had lost their battle with cancer and those who had won it. Efforts made to raise public understanding of breast cancer and its associated symptoms, therapies, and severity were greatly aided by this campaign.


Making comfort readily available has always been our prime motive at, Master. With the passion to provide a good night sleep for all, Master MoltyFoam came up with the initiative of installing “Billbeds”. Utilizing innovation at its best, the company set out to create simple billboards that could advertise MoltyFoam during the day and serve as beds at night.

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