Master Foundation initiated the Sina Clinic in Sherpao Colony, Karachi. On observing the health conditions of the residents in Sherpao Colony and the surrounding region, we took a step by constructing a hospital that anybody could use. About 80% of the people living in the area of the Sherpao colony did not have access to the bare minimum of healthcare services before the opening of Sina Clinic.

Now Individuals can get the best medical treatment at no cost from SINA Clinic. Diagnostics, advice, medicine, high-quality laboratory testing, ultrasonography, and, if necessary, referrals to other specialists are all part of the service.


Making comfort readily available has always been our prime motive at, Master. With the passion to provide a good night sleep for all, Master MoltyFoam came up with the initiative of installing “Billbeds”. Utilizing innovation at its best, the company set out to create simple billboards that could advertise MoltyFoam during the day and serve as beds at night.

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