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With a growing population of over 200 million, Pakistan, as a developing country, has been facing multiple challenges in various sectors, with health and education being highly compromised. Not only that, but the recent climate emergency has further aggravated the situation. Healthcare groundwork is weak, and illiteracy and marginalization of women are quite predominant. All of these issues have had a crippling impact on the quality of human life.

At Master, we take it as our responsibility to help uplift the economy and give back to our people and the country we live in. We have made it our goal to lead initiatives that positively impact the lives of our people across the country, from empowering women to supporting the education sector and curbing the climate crisis. We aim to continue to be at the forefront of community service for our people.

We are constantly working to help boost our economy through our various causes. With the formation of Master Foundation, our mission is to streamline and bring together our efforts to create a world where every Pakistani has the right to primary healthcare, quality education, and an improved standard of living. We have committed ourselves to develop a multifaceted approach to help individuals. We are working to create a chain through which we positively impact individuals, the community, and the whole country.


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Making comfort readily available has always been our prime motive at, Master. With the passion to provide a good night sleep for all, Master MoltyFoam came up with the initiative of installing “Billbeds”. Utilizing innovation at its best, the company set out to create simple billboards that could advertise MoltyFoam during the day and serve as beds at night.

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